Tifanny Gia – War Paint

10 Posted by - September 15, 2014 - Music

New York native Tiffany Gia hits the sound cloud world  with her new track titled ‘War Paint.’ “I’m a rolling stone and what you need the most – is what I have the least of,” is just one of the lyrics that stand out to me on this strong and powerful track. Tiffany’s vocals, and lyrics both personify the force in the production and all three stand tall along side one another. The track symbolizes her determination to get through her obstacles alone, without giving into temptation because she has come so far. I think that we all can relate to Tiffany lyrically and emotionally.

If you’re a fan like I’m a fan, then I suggest you check out the full lyrics on her website, as well as anything you’d like to know about this new artist.

Read More at www.yourmusicfix.com/tiffiany-gia-war-paint/

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