Rukhsana Merrise – See You Again

11 Posted by - September 15, 2014 - Music

Singer/songwriter Rukhsana Merrise has graced me with her musical presence today and after a few replays of her most recent single ‘See You Again,’ I’ve decided that she reminds me of a raw, female Frank Ocean circa The Lonny Breaux Collection days. The simple instruments used to enhance the beauty in her voice, creates the same soothing reassurance that I found in Frank’s not too long ago. Rukhsana has also included the same ‘clicking’ sounds of a tape deck that Frank had in his tracks, (among others) that set a very organic, natural feel to the song as a whole. It’s almost as if the song has been recorded just for you. The personalization that Rukhsana is able to achieve in her production as well as in her lyrics, is one that should not be looked over rather looked within, and then allowed to paint a picture within ourselves.


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